Saturday, November 8, 2008

By Way of Introduction: Part Two

In the second part of my introduction, I discuss what my "Book Chats" will be about. I discuss the Novel of Life and the Book of Innocence, and authors who have influenced and inspired me.


michaelgi said...

I enjoyed hearing about your life and the concepts behind your works. I thought that you might enjoy my blog too: It is about stepping out of limitation and into your own self-nature. From the Greek saying: Know Thyself.” (Oracle of Delphi)etc.

The Best,

Michael Gluckman

Lethe said...

Thank you Michael,

I think I was a little nervous . . . hopefully I'll become more comfortable in front of the camera. I plan on doing book reviews. The next book I plan to review is Shantaram. Thanks for stopping by and I will definitely check out your site.


michaelgi said...

Hi Chris,

You seemed fine on the video. And your approach to your writings seemed very introspective. When you wonder about your motives it not only makes for great fiction, it’s a great foundation for self-knowledge, which is the most overlooked form of meditation.

Best Wishes,


Lethe said...

I consider my work archeology of the soul. The reward of the immense Novel of Life is that I can take this self-knowledge and share it with the world.

Jeremy said...

I was interested in what you said about us all being actors, that we are all playing public roles.

I become aware of this when in groups or gatherings, and I sneak looks at the others when they think they are unobserved. I never fail to detect an expression in their eyes which tell me they are as bored as I am, that they, like me, can't wait to escape the group or gathering, so they can once again be themselves by shedding the public mask they have on.

Lethe said...

We are public actors; there is no doubt about that. The question is whether we can (or know how) to take off the mask.


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