Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Escape into Life: Issue no. 6

DRIP DRIP by Mel Kadel

This issue of Escape into Life caught me by surprise . . . I received an email from a friend, telling me about his band's latest EP, Hearts on Faces. After listening to the album for about a song and a half, I just knew it had to be in the next issue of Escape into Life. Here are some highlights:

The Museum of Everything . . . author and art critic, David Maclagan, takes us inside a truly original setting for London's latest collection of Outsider Art.

The Poetry of Peter Davis . . . poetry like you've never read before, be prepared to laugh hard.

Electric Literature . . . Gretta Barclay, EIL Book Critic, reviews a new literary magazine hailed by The Washington Post as a "refreshingly bold act of optimism."

Hearts on Faces . . . hear the full EP of The Equines and read all about this indie pop act with a contagious sound.

What is Escape into Life?

Escape into Life, arts and culture webzine, is a publication based on the concept of citizen journalism. The goal is to create a journal of poetry, essays, and art from writers who are already publishing on the Web and who would like to gain more exposure to their blogs. The artists we feature are the very best we can find, and the writers have a background in writing and a passion for the arts.



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