Saturday, January 2, 2010

Escape into Life: Issue no. 7

Werribee Dining by Kirsten Corbett

I think what I enjoyed most about this issue of Escape into Life was watching the material come to life. A new writer, Victoria Cho, joined our team and contributed an art review on the Noguchi Museum. I also received two outstanding essays from writers Mark Kerstetter and Stephen Pain. This issue is graced with some extraordinary gems. Here are some highlights:

Noguchi: The Space Behind the Art . . . . Learn about the half-Irish-American, half-Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi and his unique place in 20th century art.

Little Chicks, Broken Dolls, and Krapp's Last Tape . . . Escape into Life writer and poetry editor Mark Kerstetter discusses the three artist types and how Samuel Beckett is not like his creation, Mr. Krapp.

The Legacy of Joseph Beuys . . . An absorbing introduction to the influential German artist Joseph Beuys and his enigmatic performance art with a dead hare.

Suppertime Sonnets . . . Kate Sherrod has been publishing one sonnet a day for over a year now on her blog, Suppertime Sonnets. We've gathered some of our favorites in this feature.

What is Escape into Life?

EIL is a publication based on the concept of citizen journalism. The goal is to create a journal of poetry, essays, and art from writers who are already publishing on the Web and who would like to gain more exposure to their blogs. The artists we feature are the very best we can find, and the writers have a background in writing and a passion for the arts.

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