Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scenes from the Novel of Life

Balconies by Eric Chan


At the International Institute


Dinner with the Senora


A Noise from Lethe's Room

How I Escaped from Rehab

Author's Note:

The Novel of Life
is a project I formally began about seven years ago, although it seems I was drafting the novel in my journals even farther back than that, almost ten years now . . .

Lately I've been working on the section of the novel that takes place in Madrid, Spain. Gerardo Gonzalez, a comic book artist from Argentina, will soon be creating a graphic novel version of the Spain section. He is almost finished with the Las Vegas section, which can be viewed on Escape into Life.

I have the first part of the Spain novel complete. I envision two more parts. My problem is, however, I continually revise the Spain novel until it perfectly evokes the memory of my experiences in Spain. This is the first time I can say with confidence that the first chapter is done--no more drafts.

I plan to publish the finished drafts of the Novel of Life to this blog. Most of the chapters are scenes that can be read separately. I'll continue to write my series of posts on 25 Profound Works of Literary Genius, and I'll continue to publish essays from time to time. But I would like to now focus my energies on fiction.

Fiction has always been my first true love. I grow apart from it when I lose the inspiration to work, and for the last year and a half, I've been writing essays. I feel I am ready to return to my fiction, and I want my readers on the Blog of Innocence to enjoy this experience.

I encourage you to read the scenes on the Blog of Innocence, if you can wait for the story. Most of the first part is done and the chapters should appear with frequency.


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