Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm back at the beginning

as if I've gone nowhere
I demand my rose and my pearl
both were lost along the way
look over this cliff
do you see tomorrow receding
beneath yesterday's waves?
every wrinkle of hope
belongs to another part of me
I don't think we can save ourselves
it is too cold, too deep
the world, family, strangers
reside in far off places, rarely visited
by myths and fables
here the spiral moon talks
to a chorus of insects
I envy your silence, your faith.



carmelita said...

This is very fine writing, excellent poem.

caprifoglio said...

Beautiful! Please publish more of these.

Lethe said...


Thank you, you inspire me.


I will publish these poems for as long as I am alive. Thank you for your interest in my work.


kira_arg said...

Dear Chris,

This poem is tearing me up! I don't know about the rose but can possibly guess about the pearl. If you could read this, I would tell you it's always possible to save ourselves. All of us may reside far away from you, but we were and are always here for you.

Will always miss you dear friend! From all my heart I wish you could come back! Come back Chris!

xo @KChavda

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