Thursday, March 10, 2011

Escape Into Chris - Entry 5

Sketch by Chris Al-Aswad

March 2005, Normal IL

“…We exist outside our conversations, with ourselves and with others, we are part of the silent nature of things. When we are confined to our thoughts, we look remotely out from the lighthouse of consciousness to the silent order of things. We move deeper into the sea of the body, the tide of the senses. We begin to taste reality. The unconsciousness formless realm has no preexisting shape or destiny but erupts spontaneously in unpredictable manifestations that can hardly be expected. Control is an illusion. By my fear, I am trying to control the silent order of things. It is a reaction to feeling separate, divided from nature. As I learn to objectify my mind and not allow the mind authority over me, I move closer into the realm of the unconsciousness. The silent nature of the universe brings life and death. Life and death cannot be escaped. By retreating into the stories of the mind, I am not avoiding death and I am not controlling it. Death happens and it will happen in various unforeseen manifestations. The silence is enlightenment, the silence is awakening.”


Zen said...

since before men, the world is
since before the world, stillness is.

for lack of a better word, let's call it like what zen-aikido practitioner calls it: QWAN. Quality Without A Name.

QWAN manifest in myriad ways. Like waves in the sea. It disperses in myriad ways, like waves entering the sea.

I am happy that you found this stillness, that you express it so honestly in your works, I am glad that you are now one with this stillness and that during your brief moment of existence, you did shine your brightest.

Regards from Melbourne,

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